Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I love hearing and reading about the life of people who are in ministry all the amazing stories of seeing how God has connected the dots in their lives. The after stories.

From a small child the Lord had left an imprint on my heart. I am so thankful for the consistent teaching of the Word of God in my life as a small child and the mighty prayers of my mother. Those words spoken over me, were seeds planted into my heart. I always craved the Lord in my life, his word, prayer, Women of God leading me in and out of different seasons of my life.

About 2 years ago I was invited to a group called Phemom. Funny name for a new moms group at church I wasn't really wanting to go, but I was at a place where I needed the Lord, more than Sunday in my life. The next year I would be dramatically transformed by these women pouring into my life in a way I can barely describe. The Lord breathed life into me. I was just living day in and day out on my own strength in all I knew how to do, constantly pouring out and nothing ever being poured into me worth substance. So when you are focused on your work, it consumes you, when you have a bad day, it cripples you, when crisis comes it breaks you. I needed Jesus in a way I never even understood before. And he rescued me. From a place I didn't even realize I was in, from a person I could barely recognize, He met me there.

That season was so sweet for me. This new season I feel as though God has showed me in my heart, what my purpose is and how important my time is. My sweet little business Stinkin Cute Designs, was God birthed into my heart, and grew beyond my wildest dreams, allowed me to have a life I honestly never dreamed of, to be home with my kids. Its has grown and grown and grown. But with the growth, it has become my focus, my passion, taking more than I want it to from my life. In most ways it became who I was. Slowly during these last few years, the Lords has gently showed me things that I need to let go of, so he can give me what is next. Which is one of the hardest things I have had to do. It seems it should so simple, but its the biggest reason why it needs to be out of my life really.

I am ended my season of sewing. Which is all I have known for the last 6 years. I don't even know what that will look like, but He is asking me to just be present in my childrens lives without all the distractions, stress and focus running a business can tend to do times TEN!

Trusting the Lord with everything is the easiest thing to say and yet the hardest thing in the world to do. But I am taking steps towards what he is calling me to do.

Those great stories are never great, in the middle. When things don't make sense, you don't know what is going to do. When you don't see how the sea could possibly part, but it does. When he provides Manna in the morning and he does. When people need healing and he heals. And when he moves mountains in your life.

When I read about the calling in people's lives to go to far off countries, build wells, feed the hungry, love the orphans and preach the good news its is so powerful. The calling he is calling me to is to be present, love my children with more than just words, take life and live it to the fullest and trust Him with all that I am. Its scary and exciting and is captivating that He loves me so much to soften my stubborn heart, to heal the wounds that I had no idea I had, to love me when I don't deserve it and to transform my life to a life I could have never imagined.

One step at a time. Trusting.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Its still dark outside everyone is not awake...and 2013 is starting to come to a close. As the year ends...reflections come flooding in. The Highs, the lows. What did I hope for, what did I not do, what do I want to change, what dreams come flooding in. Before the goals start being written, or big plans come flooding through. I learned a few things. I learned to say yes. Yes to things I would have never said yes to before, I went outside my comfort zone, and God moved. Moved drastically in my life. Moments I only dreamed of, became to be a reality, and my life became transformed.

In the midst of the yes moments, I said yes too a few too many things, just because you want to, and people ask things of you, doesn't mean the answer is yes. The yes can keep you too busy than you want to be, and all the yes's take you away from your purpose sometimes.

I learned to say Yes to things I didn't think I could. I learned I can say Yes. But I am choosing to say No. Not because its the only option but because I know my purpose for this season. Where my heart needs to be.

These last few months of the holiday season have been filled with so many moment makers, and its been so much fun, so heart warming. But these next few days, I just want to soak up the in-between. To turn my eyes and my plans to the Lord, and what is your heart for 2014 for me. You rocked our world and family this past year, but instead of trying to plan out our hearts desires in this sweet little life my heart aches for some stillness. That moment when you stop and take in your creator, and His enormous love for you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anniversary Time

This year was our 11 year anniversary. I get so excited for our Anniversary each year. I love celebrating loving him and being married to him. Alot of the time, if I am being honest.....you have these preset ideas in your head. From where you would like to go, maybe a trip out of town, a fun new outfit, exploring a town together, flowers and a candle light dinner. BLISS! 

However sometimes life happens from Furlough, to goverment shut down, to deaths in the family. I wasn't even being dramatic. Its hard when you want to celebrate sometimes. This year, this season, the Lord is just changing me. Its hard, it challenges me. I want to be who the Lord sees me as, who he desires me to be. If I was left to my own way of doing things, I would just be a mess. Back to the subject. I had so many expectations and ideas I wanted. 

The Lord spoke to my heart and had me define what feeling loved is and what it looks like. Then to put my list down, and define how I make Eric feel loved. Have I asked him, if it was his own plans, what he would love to do, what would it be? Without my expectations or ideas. Just loving him. And in that moment. My heart changed, from my ideas to just loving him BIG. To celebrating him like I do my kids birthdays. It may be nerdy and cheesy, but love is exactly that. It ended up being so much fun to plan little things to celebrate. 

He was so surprised, and loved every minute. More than words. That filled my cup more than any trip would have.

 I saw this idea for the countdown of days. Just a simple way to show how long my heart has been his.
 NO JOKE. We totally did this. It was super cheesy and super fun.
I love that we can use this every year as our love banner.
I thought making all the things he loves in cookies...just little things and ways to let him know he has my heart, and I love all of him.

Just as much as I love the details, and love the effort, they need the same. I was so blessed this Anniversary in the best way. Loved celebrating 11 years with this guy...who just gets me.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Lets be honest. I can cook a total of 5 things. I have never been one to just want to bake or experiment with recipes. I don't like to follow directions, that could be my problem. However I always wanted to have that amazing meal my kids loved and would brag about. But I am guessing it won't be Kraft Mac N Cheese.

So this last week at my moms group I was inspired with a few recipes I decided to try out. I am so giddy that they both worked! My family LOVED them both! I am excited to actually start a recipe box now.


These were super easy and YUMMY!
1 box of Spice Cake Mix
13oz. of Pumpkin
1 cup of Water
1 cup of Choc Chips
2 tsp. of Vanilla


1 large Onion
Pork Shoulder 5-7lb
Salt and Pepper
Half Liter of Dr Pepper
1 - 11oz can of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo
2 tbs Brown Sugar

Wedge the Onion, Salt and Pepper the Pork, add over the onions, add the peppers and brown sugar, pour in the Dr Pepper over it.

Cook for 6 hours.

Seriously I can't believe I made both of these this week & my family loved them!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Making Fall Fabulous

Its no secret around here that I love FALL! I love the brisk air, the leaves falling, all the wonderful colors and anything pumpkin as September hits. I know I get it from my mother....but as soon as summer comes to a close I am bursting at the seams to decorate for fall. I love every single second. My vote is if you decorate earlier the season lasts longer....right????? So August 1st it is. Yes its still 100 degress outside. But its FALL inside my house. I was asked to speak at my Moms Group about Fall things and ideas last week. So I thought I would add it to the blog if you didn't get a chance to hear it.

I always start with pumpkins....adding them to vases and baskets just brings so much fall into your house. I simply adore it. They aren't expensive at all. So I go a little crazy, 30 pumpkins. Here is a sneak peek of my mantle at home.
I love the added touch banners give to the mantle or your hutch. So simple and cute. I know alot of moms don't sew on a daily basis....so I wanted to show them how easy a simple banner could be. I found a FREE printable banner on pinterest. I got burlap printed paper, some clips, button and paper doilies...and its ready to go. This is a great project your kids can help with too!
I had some left over canvases from some art projects we tried over the summer....and this time we had a plan. When you don't have a plan and it involves paint...nothing good can come of it. You will just have to trust me on this one. I let the kids go through some ideas on pinterest for Fall Trees....these were what they picked out. It was so easy when they had an idea of what they wanted to do. They were so proud of them, and I love them so much I was so excited to display them! Jenna choose the qtip art, so simple and cute. And Dawson's we just used his handprints. I adore them! You can get the packs of canvases at Michaels on sale all time. Great projects for rainy days!
There were a couple of ideas I have had pinned for a few years and never got around to printing them up. They were FREE printables I found on pinterest. I just emailed them to Kinkos and they were $1.50!!!!! So simple and I adore the way they add to decor.

Another project I wanted to try was a cute DIY gift for the kids teachers. Its a mason jar turned into a candle. Let me just tell you....this looked MUCH easier than it really was. It was a hot mess. It turned out cute....but I don't think I would ever try it again. EVER.
The next project really captured my heart....we made some thankful turkeys. They were so easy to make and the kids loved it!
When I was asking the kids to write things they were thankful for they came up with alot of questions...like what does Thankfulness feel like, and what do you do when you are thankful. The Lord really spoke to me as I am reminding the kids to be THANKFUL this upcoming season, to also teach them to turn their THANKFULNESS into THOUGHTFULNESS. To react when your heart is thankful. So as we made these lists...we have decided in November to make goodies for all the people we are thankful for and let them know how much they bless us.

Please don't even think for one single second that I have it all together and plan all these fabulous craft times for my kids. There is alot I forget, alot I plan on, alot I can't do. But I have decided to be intentional this holiday season, embracing and making time for them before they are too big to want to.

I hope you love the ideas, and are encouraged to embrace them in your family.
Be blessed this season and SOAK UP FALL!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making a Plan

Last Fall...I missed all the pins on Pint-erst I had planned. There were boxes of cupcakes not make in my cupboard, and we barely made it to the pumpkin patch. I wish there was a monumental reason to tell you why. But when it really comes down to it. Life got busy. Too busy.

This year I am being very intentional about ideas I have. And trying to fit at least one in a week to make the season last longer. Lets be real. I LOVE FALL! So each Sunday, I am trying to do something crafty fun or baking with my kids.

This week I thought it would be fun to decorate some tiny pumpkins and use some of the canvases from our summer art time together to get them into decorating with me. They seem to enjoy it more when I let them help.

I often struggle with letting them decorate, only for the reason its not perfect. But our imperfections is our fingerprint on things. So I am embracing the fingerprints.

I am choosing to be intentional with my kids. 
I can't wait to soak up these moments together.
You can choose to barely get through the season, 
or add some glitter and paint and have fun along the way.

A little Sneak Peek!

So my fabulous Moms group....that is SO much more
 than even a Moms group has fun little features each week. 
I get to be a feature is October. 
Oh yes! And this is the only peek I will give you!